A Reference for Calculating the Materials Needed for a Welded Wire Fence Project

List Of certified contractors - Contractor Blog Pages - 1. . Determine the kind of fence you will need, based on the requirements of the application - the purposes and needs of your particular situation ..More

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What's the Difference Between Welded Wire Fencing and Woven Wire Fencing?

Directory Of licensed contractors - Support Services & Forum Pages - . If weight is applied, it?s difficult for a welded wire fence to spring back to shape. It will likely deform permanently and need replacing. The disadvantages of this fencing type can be seen in situations when pressure is introduced, such as livestock in need of a leaning post or any sort of vehicular crash. . Welded wire fencing, which has a structure that is solid and inflexible, is ideal for a firm and definite barrier. When cut, the wires will not begin to unravel from one another ..More

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Gopher Problem? Try This!

21 Best professional contractors - Technician Blog Service - . Because it will be highly susceptible to corrosion, choose galvanized steel or vinyl coated fence wire. If your yard is already populated by gophers, you will need to use one of the other methods to get rid of the gophers once you install the fence; otherwise, you could end up with a gopher sanctuary. Gophers are burrowing animals, so the fence should extend at least 18 inches below the surface. Fencing is a very effective tool for keeping gophers out of your yard. What kind of wire mesh do you need? To keep the gophers out, choose wire mesh fencing with no more than -inch openings ..More

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What Zoos Need to Do to Make Sure Their Structures Are Childproof

Popular nationwide commercial contractors - Helpful Resources - inspections, maintenance, replacements & upgrades - . To add an even bigger element of shock to the tragedy, footage released after his death exhibited the ape?s protective behavior towards the young boy. Despite her negligence in failing to monitor her son?s behavior, the mother was not charged and instead, Harambe the gorilla was shot dead. It was an incident that shocked the entire world, with both animal lovers and parents everywhere flabbergasted by the outcome of something that could have been easily prevented. The Cincinnati gorilla killing occurred on May 28, when a 3-year-old child managed to climb into an herbivorous ape?s enclosure at Cincinnati Zoo, overlooked by the eyes of his mother ..More

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Netting for Gardens: Let’s Talk Birds and Crop Protection

Popular residential contractors - Repair Service blogspot - inspections, maintenance, replacements & upgrades - It creates a physical barrier between the birds and your valuable crops. Larger size rolls will make the installation job easier for you. You won't have to piece several smaller pieces together. This soft, knitted small mesh netting is ideal for protecting berries and fruits. . Multiple strands of UV stabilized black polypropylene yarns are woven into a flexible and long-lasting hexagonal shaped mesh ..More

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